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Atheist Peace lyrics


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     Atheist Peace
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        Maybe it?s too late for intellectual debate
    But a residue of confusion remains

    Oh, changing with the times and amphetamine tortured minds
    Are the average citizen?s sources of pain

    Yeah, (Tell me what we?re fighting for)
    I don?t remember anymore
    Only temporary reprieve

    And the world might cease
    If we fail to tame the beast
    From the faith that you release
    Comes an atheist peace

    Atheist peace

    Political forces ran
    Critical winds of discontent
    And the modern age emerged triumphantly
    But now that safety?s gone
    And it?s time to de-evolve
    And relive the dark chapters of history

    Yeah, (Tell me what we?re fighting for)
    No progress ever came from war
    Only a false sense of increase

    And the world won?t wait
    For the truth upon a plate
    But we?re ready now to feast on an atheist peace
    Oh, yeah

    Oh, an atheist peace
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